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Wedding + lifestyle videographer
Rochester, NY

Wedding videography gives you a perspective of your day that you'd never have otherwise. While you were wrapped up in your love and excitement to tie the knot, your spouse, loved ones, and guests were all experiencing the day differently.  Your wedding film                                                                   allows you to
                                                            relive and
experience these moments through the eyes of everyone else while living true to your vision for the day. Your wedding video should encapsulate all of the emotions and experiences from the day into an amazing love story you won't want to stop reliving.


Lifestyle videos are all about telling a story - no matter how big or small the moment.  The film tells the story of you, your family, your newborn, your loved one, and who they are in that moment.  The story is given life through the details and subtleties of the moment while emotions and reactions portray the meaning of the story.   We all know these moments fly by so quickly and it's easy to get wrapped up in everyday life.  So, as a lifestyle videographer, my goals is to
every day life  to show that they truly are filled with special moments.  These are the moments that make you who you are.  From each passing hug from your little one to cooking dinner for your family, these are the little moments that combine to form the story of you.  


Wedding Videography Rochester, NY

When we watched our final video we fell in love with everything about it. 

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Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller 
Following in the footsteps of my wife, Danielle Rosalie Photography, I've acquired a passion for telling your story. I created C. Snow Films which specializes in journalistic wedding videos, cinematic trailers, and engagement films that go beyond traditional wedding videography.  Together we combine to form a wedding and lifestyle videography / photography team in Rochester, NY that aims to tell your love story from engagement to reception through raw emotion, subtleties, and details.   Our lifestyle videos uniquely capture your favorite milestone moments as a couple or family for a lifelong, emotion-filled, keepsake
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