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Bride and groom kissing in an open field during a wedding videography session.
Wedding rings displayed for wedding photography gallery.


While maybe not quite as important as the vows, toasts from loved ones help lay the groundwork for the full story.  They provide an outsider's perspective on the couple's relationship, touching on details and observances they may not have themselves.  The toasts also dive in and detail friendships and special memories from the best man and maid of honor.  When the excitement of the wedding day winds down, the newlyweds will definitely want to go back to see what their dear friends had to say about them.


While still quite underrated by some, the getting ready process by both  sides is a crucial piece of telling the entire story.  Genuine nerves and happiness are usually on display the morning of your big day as the anticipation and pressure mount up.  These little moments of how you were looking, behaving, and feeling will be so enticing for your new spouse to watch back since traditionally, couples get ready separately.  During your wedding video, the getting ready process can help build anticipation and excitement just as you were likely feeling before walking down the aisle.  



Super important!  When I first started out in wedding videography, I thought for sure the shot I had to get was the bride coming down the aisle.  While that's definitely a shot I need to (and do) get, every time you ask the couple which reaction is most important to them, it's the reaction of their partner standing at the alter.  It's difficult to replicate a moment like that in one's life - capturing such genuine love where no words are needed. It typically has the same effect when watched back in your wedding film - causing the need for tissues.  The entire moment is truly about both individuals coming together to form a union so both perspectives are equally important to be able to piece together.  


Recording vows, both on video and with clean audio is an essential piece to the entire wedding videography puzzle.  The promises you make to each other for the rest of time, whether self written or from a script, are the foundation of your love story going forward.  Your vows will likely hold a very sentimental place in your heart and being able to hold onto them forever is priceless to most newlyweds.  Self written vows are often used by videographers to lay down the emotion for the day and set the scene.  


This has to to be the most important shot of the entire day!  It's iconic!  It is the staple of a wedding.  Every professional videographer MUST get this moment, and will.  It's the moment everyone has come to see, sealing your love and marriage with a kiss while your friends and family cheer you on.  As a the filmmaker, positioning and framing is absolutely key for this shot.  Getting into position early will work wonders for the composition of the shot.

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