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close up shot of groom and boutonniere prior to the wedding ceremony


close up of wedding vows, rings, and decor for wedding videography


It's near impossible to be absolutely everywhere on your wedding day.  There are certainly going to be moments that you miss.  Wedding videographers are able to seek these moments out, capture the little details which you may be unaware of.  Grandma dancing, your friends cheers-ing in the corner, or even that in between moment, when you thought the cameras weren't rolling and you gave your new spouse a little sugar and whispered in his ear.  There's always surprise and missed moments, and for a day you worked so hard to plan, you're going to want as much of it captured as you can!


Of course you aren't going to invite every single person you know to your wedding.  You also likely have some friends or relatives that live out of town and simply aren't able to make it.  And - truthfully, in the day and age of COVID and uncertainty, it's difficult to know who's going to show up anywhere.  

That's where your wedding film comes in.  It's important to you to share your special day with those who mean a lot to you.  They're likely just as torn up not being able to attend your wedding as you are.   Having the flexibility to digitally share your day lets Uncle Stew and Aunt Susie see all the action and feel like they're apart of your special moment too.

It might also tickle your fancy to post your wedding  video on social media bragging about how hot your new spouse is and how lucky you are.

Lastly, keep future generations in mind- your kids, and grandkids.  They're absolutely going to want to gather around to see all their relatives joined in one place to celebrate your love! 


I keep going back to telling the 'story.'  That's what a wedding video does an excellent job of doing.  Photography can capture the emotion of individual moments, but video has the ability to tie all of those individual emotional moments into your story. It shows the before and after of the individual moment, enhancing your experience of nostalgia.  


I mean this is the simple advantage of video right? Pictures, unfortunately, can't provide the element of sound and that's where memories via video separate themselves.  Hearing the vows, the cheers from the first kiss, laughter throughout the day - they're all enhanced memories with audio.


We know what you're thinking - we'll have the whole wedding day documented because everyone will be posting all their pictures and videos to social media.  That's true, but you're very likely going to end up with shaky footage with Billy walking in front of the camera and muffled audio from Aunt Sally coughing into her handkerchief. 

Investing in a professional with high end equipment combined with hours of editing and years of experience will all come together to create an artfully crafted story - where you can actually see the close up of your spouse's lip quivering as you're walking down the aisle because Billy's head didn't get in the way.  Oh - and Aunt Sally's cough? Yeah, it's not there.

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