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Pregnant mother holds her belly for a lifestyle videography photoshoot.



Get creative!  Make a film out of anything that makes you and your family you!  Dance recital, cuddling at home, movie night, or going out mudding, it doesn't matter! Having a film that is truly yours and exemplifies who you are, no matter what the activity or experience, is the most special type of video.


An amazing way to re-capture your love years after you said "I do" is with an anniversary film.  Whether it be in rolling fields or in a forest, it's just you two documenting your love, your relationship, and all of the emotion behind the life you've built together.  Hang out, cuddle, laugh, smooch.  Include your vows if you want - or make new ones!  




 This can be a fun activity with kiddos.  Document the laughing, teamwork, and playfulness that goes into baking or cooking something messy!   This could also be a romantic/sexy experience if the kids are left with grandma!  Fall in love all over again as a cloud of baking flour encircles the two of you kissing next to the steamy oven.




This is truly a special one.  Your new little addition to the family is only so small once.  Each moment is so special and goes by so quickly.  Being able to  live in the moment, soak it up, and document this major life event will have you grateful the rest of your life.  As your child grows, you can continually look back where they started.  It's also a beautiful and tasteful way to spread the news and/or share your special moments with family over social media. 


This one is definitely the most popular - An apple farm, pumpkin patch, or just an open field, they're all great for fostering genuine laughter and memories.  It can get a bit active too with so much room to run and play!  Whether you're a growing family or a couple - there's just something special about getting out into the vastness of nature and documenting your favorite moments together.

Couple kissing and laughing amongst flowers in an open apple orchard.
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