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Flower and wedding invitation decor at a barn wedding.
Wedding gown hung up in window and photographed through a mirror.
White wedding dress hanging from a tree branch before a backyard wedding.
Groomsmen photographed overlooking the view at Cobblestone Creek Country Club in Victor, NY.
Macro shot of wedding rings sitting on a cut piece of wood.
black and white bridal portrait of bride with bouquet.
Newlyweds kissing at the alter after their backyard wedding ceremony.
Engagement and wedding rings photographed on a leaf with a macro lens.



Rochester, NY

Located inside Highland Park and originally built in 1911 prior to reconstruction, the Lamberton Conservatory is reserved for smaller more intimate weddings.  It has a capacity of approximately 40 people to foster that close-knit feel. It is entirely surrounded by large panes of glass allowing ample natural light for ideal videography conditions.  The reason I love the conservatory?  It's just so different than anything else in the Rochester area.  It has such a "jungly"  feel as you and your guests are encircled by a diverse collection of plants every which way you walk and look. With such an engaging environment, it allows for really unique shots.  After the ceremony, you have the conservatory to take pictures or you can go right out into all of Highland Park, which is beautiful on it's own! 


Victor, NY

With 412 acres, Cobblestone Creek provides ample photo/video backdrop opportunity.  The view from the club's patio overlooking the course littered with ponds, fountains, and cobblestone bridges is just breathtaking. With the ceremony held on the elevated patio, you're sure to have a great view with every shot.  The venue is accommodating enough to let the bridal party use their golf carts for transportation to their many incredible wooden and cobblestone bridges which span over streams and ponds.  These bridges are fantastic for bridal party shots and solo shots of just the couple.  The sunsets cascading over the tree-line and hills are to die for.  
Inside, you've got a beautifully elegant reception area with large windows allowing for ample  natural light.  The dance floor is large enough for everyone to boogie and is accented by a large chandelier overhead. 





Perry, NY

Just 5 minutes away from Letchworth State Park, this country themed venue is definitely a labor of love as the owners (Norm + Andie) have been working on it for the past 20 years. It's been worth it!  The grounds are stunning with the major attraction being a refurbished 90 year old dairy barn turned reception hall completed with a backdrop of rolling fields as far as the eye can see.  Tiki torches, a tiki bar, and beautiful landscaping tie the rest of the grounds together.  Inside the drape covered barn entrance, you'll enter a massive space with ample room for 200 guests.  Take a look to your left and you've got a wood built bar  that has a custom bar-top stencil with the bride and grooms name and date!   Outfitted with beautiful large tables weaved between a few wooden support beams, it is a dreamy place to celebrate with your loved ones.  Not only does the venue come with the most accommodating hosts, one of the coolest features of Normandie Orchards is they let you use the property for 3 days!  That's unheard of in my experience and just goes to show how far the owners are willing to go to give their guests an amazing wedding experience. 


Dansville, NY

An absolutely GORGEOUS barn venue in Livingston County that's littered with a modern-rustic vibe. They boast a 75 foot deck, with gazebo, 30 foot L-shaped bar, corn fields that go on for miles, pond-side ceremony site, and top it off with an attached silo. Their reception area (inside the barn) is clearly new and well maintained.  With dimmable string lights, a loft over looking the dance floor,  facilities galore, and ample space to fit 225 of your closest friends and family, this venue is absolutely breathtaking.  I mean, who wouldn't want to dance under wagon wheel chandeliers?  Despite all of that, the best part of the entire place is actually a beautiful country-style  tree swing with long thick twine/rope that rests on the edge of the woods  up by the ceremony/pond site.   Oh, and I forgot to mention, they transport the wedding party via a hay bail-wagon pulled by a tractor!

























Every backyard wedding I've been to has been phenomenal.  Everyone seems to have a lot more fun!  I love the laid back, more intimate feel and really just the overall ambiance of the whole idea.  The "venue site" is likely where  at least one of you grew up and already have tons of memories.  Combine that with being  surrounded by only those closest to you and  it ties together your love story in a location  that already means so much to you.  Another awesome perk - you're in charge.  There's no time crunches, transportation issues, or having to kick Uncle Jimmy out because he hit the bar too early.    Don't want to cut the cake right now because you're too busy breaking it down on your home-made dance floor?  No problem.  As a videographer, the entire scene is a hotbed for genuine emotion, laughter,  and a lot of hilarious behind the scenes.  It's an amazingly comfortable environment to work in and I have yet to have a bride who's regretted having a backyard wedding!

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